Retirement Plan Design

Retirement plan design, implementation, education, and management solutions

Whether you’re an individual who needs to integrate retirement planning into your overall wealth picture, or a closely-held business or other organization looking for an effective, cost-efficient benefits strategy for your employees, our Certified Retirement Plan Specialist (CRPS) or our Certified Retirement Plan Counselors (CRPC) can help.

We can walk you through a wide range of strategies that will meet various objectives, as well as explain the benefits and risks associated with each. Whether tax-deferred retirement accounts, retirement asset consolidation, 401(k) plans and more, your needs will dictate the best choices.

At Archford Capital Strategies, we work with leading providers, and will provide comprehensive services from plan integration to employee education.

Please see Archford 360 Retirement Approach for our complete offering



Is it time to retire your current retirement plan?

Ten Questions a CEO/CFO should be able to answer regarding their

401 (K) of 403 (B) Plans

Take the Archford Capital Retirement Plan Challenge

to see how your company’s retirement plan

stacks up against our nine-point criteria.

The Archford Capital Retirement Plan Challenge provides a completely unbiased, fact-based review of your retirement plan. As an independent advisor, we are not influenced or limited to specific funds, share classes or fund families. Archford Capital has licensed proprietary fiduciary software that evaluates all funds on a nine point criteria. 


Take a deeper look.

You will receive a comprehensive report and personal review that will:

  • Highlight the quality of funds in your plan
  • Identify alternative funds that score higher
  • Show the amount of fees you are paying and compare that to industry averages

This evaluation can be used to verify that your current funds meet your investment policy requirements. As a trustee or investment policy committee member, it also provides proof of investment due diligence.


It’s easy and effective.

To get started, please provide:

  • Your company’s 408(b)2 Fee Disclosure
  • The available funds with your plan and their ticker symbols.

For more details or to learn about

all of our retirement plan options, contact us at (618) 416-7089 or email Jacob Hong